CMA car frames, are manufactured with modern high precision machinery. All components are collected, assembled and delivered only after careful packaging.
The entire process is monitored through a strict quality control. CMA places special care in following the development of the main technical standards in order to ensure the right response to customers’ demands.
All CMA products are accompanied by specific technical documents highlighting an accurate design of the structures.
Hydraulic CMA car frames, both indirect and direct acting, comply with EN 81-2 standards;
moreover they have a chair structure suitable for a car with 1, 2 or 3 admissions; they can be constructed in two versions: 'single car frame' or 'complete plant'. In this case, the accessories which complete the units are selected from the best brands of the new generation in order to guarantee to our customers quality, the optimum operation of the plant in all conditions, low power consumption and respect for the environment.

This configuration, the same cylinder/piston, permits to double travels and speed in comparison with those of the piston, but it cannot carry a heavier cargo on the piston itself. It has a wide range of usage, generally up to 7/8 stops.
The hydraulic car frames are generally used in private or public buildings such as shopping centres, schools, hospitals, hotels and residential buildings. The CMA car frame may be also equipped with a progressive safety gear, with a speed which can reach 1 m/s.

The piston is set in the housing, next to the car, and works on the upper cross beam. Its utilization is limited to 2/3 stops.

The piston is generally set at the centre of the pit and works on the lower cross beam, which is ring-type. It has a limited use; its utilization is linked to particular design requirements.
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