MRL = Machine Room Less
It is the elevator without a machine room: the plant is situated completely within the shaft; this makes it possible for design engineers to recover the square footage usually dedicated to technical rooms, accommodating everything that controls the elevator in a small cabinet situated on the top floor.
The MRL is a plant with a high technological profile, designed for speed and increased runs, and it utilizes advanced solutions like the new gearless motors, without a reduction unit, controlled by inverter for an unparalleled level of silence and operational modularity.
The energy savings and the attention to the environment are other distinguishing features of this product; the inverter, in fact, allows for a substantially lower consumption of power compared to traditional elevators and over time also a considerable economic savings for the final user.

PEGASO, with L-shaped car frame is available with direct and block and tackle pull, designed for speeds up to 1 m/s and loads up to 1000 kg, for small shafts and cars up to three access points; offers multiple advantages in the installation and maintenance phase oriented toward the elevator operator:

- The positioning of the car guides and counterweight with the shoulder from the same side makes it possible to save considerable time in the initial installation phase;
- The cable attachment on top makes the operation for replacing the cables very simple;
- The overall compactness (wall/car distance of 380mm for the 480kg) makes for easy installation and maintenance.

PEGASO DUE (TWO), with annular car and central guides, block and tackle pull, is designed for loads up to 1000kg and speeds up to 1.6m/s.

Ongoing research of innovative solutions make the CMA PEGASO system the ideal elevator for your installations.

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