About Us
C.M.A. deals with the design, production and assembly of lifts and goods lifts of any dimension and capacity, for private and industrial use. It also offers complete systems and customized solutions which are extremely reliable and innovative. C.M.A. carefully follows all the phases, from design to site delivery, through order management and production. The expertise, the continuous research of technical innovation, the high quality materials, the most recent techniques of industrial production and the strict controls on its own products make C.M.A. one of the most reliable companies specialized in the building and personalization of lift plants. Thanks to the work of expert and able craftsmen and builders, C.M.A. offers a high quality service and finds innovative, technologically advanced and attractive solutions to customers' needs. C.M.A. can satisfy any request for vertical transport, from the most simple building plant to industrial plants and more complex projects, such as renovations. The use of modern and innovative materials, safety and solidity, have always characterized C.M.A. products. In order to design and build its products, C.M.A. uses the most sophisticated and advanced 3D software, together with the most modern CNC machines.
C.M.A. also makes use of effective and efficient ERP and CRM systems, which can optimize the industrial productivity through the coordination of the provision, production and delivery
phases, always focussing on its main purpose: satisfaction of the customer's needs.