CMA for research
It has been estimated that during normal office activities, the CPU is not in use for about the 99% of the time.
C.M.A., therefore, has decided to help research by giving the idle computing resources of its PCs to the following projects:

- Help Fight Childhood Cancer
- Influenza Antiviral Drug Search
- Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase2
- FightAIDS@Home
- Human Proteome Folding - Phase2
- Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together
- Help Conquer Cancer
- Nutritious Rice for the World
- The Clean Energy Project

These projects are managed by important Universities and Research Institutes such as Chiba University, New York University, Universitè de Paris, University of Washington, etc.
For this purpose computing software (BOINC), developed through the collaboration of the University of Berkeley and IBM, has been installed on every PC in the company. The name of our team is "C.M.A. srl". To visit its page and the results achieved click here.

: For further information about the computing grid WORLD COMMUNITY GRID visit this website: