This page aims to show how the company processes personal data of this website's users.
Personal data will be treated lawfully, correctly, appropriately and not in excess.
Considering the Italian "d.lgs n.196/2003 art. 13" - Law about the data protection - this notice also concerns people who interact with web services of C.M.A S.r.l. available online using the address:, being the home page of C.M.A. S.r.l. official website.
This notice concerns only C.M.A S.r.l. website.
The notice does not include other websites which might be consulted using links.
This notice takes into consideration the Recommendation 2/2001that the working party, composed of EU authorities for data protection and privacy, and established by Article 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, adopted on 17th May 2001 in order to identify some minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data.
They focus, in particular, on when, how and which information must be provided to the individual user, independently from the purpose of web connection